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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

I can quilt up to a Queen Sized quilt (90″ wide max) on my frame.  Please see the standard quilt size chart on our prices page.

Quilt top should be clean, pressed and trimmed down to final finished size.

Trim any loose threads. Make sure all seams are secure.

Use a safety pin to mark the top of the quilt.

Remove any excess pins, buttons and other embellishments.

Some appliques are okay and can be quilted around if necessary, but cannot be quilted on top of.

The quilt top must lay flat. Measure quilt top across the top, bottom, and at the center. These measurements should be the same, if not you may end up with puckers and an unsquared quilt.

Quilt top, backing and batting should be 3 separate pieces. We load them separately on the longarm machine.

Give your quilt top a final pressing before sending or delivering it. Carefully fold to minimize wrinkling.

We offer Quilters Dream batting and right now we offer two choices, 80/20 (cotton/poly blend) and Dream Green (poly).  You can find all the details on our batting page and that will help you choose.  You can also check out all of Quilters Dreams battings on their website.  You can upgrade your batting with an additional fee.

The price of your quilt is determined by several factors. The longarm quilting fee is determined by the size of your quilt in square inches. An example is quilt top is 60″ x 75″ would be 4500 square inches. The cost of quilting for an edge to edge varies based on the design that you choose

Additional charges may apply for specialty fabrics, techniques, and preparation/repairs of the quilt top.

Please visit our Prices page for more details and use our QUILT QUOTER for a quick and easy estimate.

If you prewash your quilt top it is highly recommended that you also prewash your backing fabric.

Batting and Backing must be at least 4″ larger than the quilt top on all sides. For example, if the quilt top is 60″ x 70″ the Batting and Backing should measure 68″ x 78″.

If your backing is multiple pieces of fabric, you’ll need to seam it to make one piece of backing.  Please note that backing seams won’t be centered.

Please square your backing.  Here is a helpful video on how to square up your backing.

Give your backing a final pressing before sending or delivering it. Carefully fold to minimize wrinkling.

Fullness and/or puckers within a quilt top cannot be quilted out. We cannot guarantee that puckers and tucks won’t be sewn in. In some cases excessive fullness in borders may result in quilt top corners not being square. The flatter your quilt top is, the better the finished quilt will be.

Once we have finalized a quote, I recommend shipping your quilt in a waterproof bag in a standard USPS Flat Rate Priority box.  Priority includes a tracking number.  Please enclose your name, address, phone number, and email address with your quilt so I can identify it when I receive it. I will notify you as soon as I receive your quilt.

Return shipping:  I cover the first $15 of shipping which means USPS Flat Rate Priority is generally free back to you.  Insurance coverage is extra and would be covered by you.  Any international or additional shipping charges over $15,00 would be covered by the customer.

Our turnaround time is generally two weeks.  If you need your quilt faster, we offer rush/expedited service for an additional fee.  Please see our Prices page for more details

Yes!  If you can send me a good resolution photograph of your finished quilt top, I can overlay quilt patterns to “audition” for you to see what the finished quilting may look like.  Check out stitch designs in our gallery.